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Welcome to IEDC Bled school of management

25/07/2012 12:24:07

Welcome to IEDC Bled school of management

International Executive Development Center, (hereinafter the IEDC) was established in 1986. One of the first management development institutions in Central and Eastern Europe has in 25 years grown into one of the most innovative international business schools in Europe, attracting managers from all over the world.

 IEDC Bled School of Management is located in beautiful and breath taking Bled. (Slovenia)  Bled lake is just few minutes away, and nature is amazing. Everything is so green and peaceful.

It is private school, with a slogan: "School with a view". During the whole year there are many different programs. Special attention is given to Executive MBA  program ( Get your MBA without leaving your job!) but there you can find many other interesting programs:  young executive programs, many seminars organized around the globe , there  are also  two summer schools. One available for all enthusiastic youth who want to learn more about management, called Discover Management Program. And the second one is Young Management Program, for managers with at least two years of working experience.

What make it special is kind stuff and amazing professors with interesting learning techniques.

I had the opportunity to attend DMP summer school, and met professor J.B. and I will always remember this summer. That professor has so so so much energy that  every morning we couldn't wait to start working with him again. :D And beside J.B. , classes hold Nadya - Coca Cola Chair of sustainable development - her lectures are unforgettable too.  And professor Nenad is there to give you basics of finance field.

I liked this school so much, and really wish to go back there if I will have opportunity in the future. And if you are among those people who like creative learning and classes full of energy, then welcome to IEDC Bled School of Management. 

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