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Club Genova - An amazing place for students to hangout!

17/12/2012 15:44:10

Club Genova - An amazing place for students to hangout!


The Club Genova is the only place in Karachi where you will find three different Themes under the one roof the restaurant is based on Italian theme, cigar lounge is based on classic theme and the Cafe is based on Ultra modern theme. The Club Genova is newest hot spot with a Great Ambiance for everyone. Prime location and the elegant atmosphere .When the weekend rolls around the Club Genova transforms into spinning the freshest tracks.

The Club Genova also features cuisine as Italian food as its various facilities so whether you are a Mexican lover looking for the highest quality fresh sea food, or just a delicious burger connoisseur there is something on the menu for you.

The cigar lounge is just one of the many unique features that the Club Genova has to offer. Sports Bikes Display, cigar shop and special homemade sheesha/nargilla flavors. Here you will be able to smoke the world’s finest Cohiba cigars and there is no better way to unwind after a long day at the office or at home.

If great music and eye catching bar with amazing Cocktails specials great tasting food, and an overall atmosphere that has yet to be seen around the DHA area sounds like a place you would enjoy, make sure that you check out the Club Genova when you are here in Karachi as a student.

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