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23/01/2013 05:33:32



LinkedIn is one of the emerging social networking sites. We can say that it is a platform that serves a good purpose. There are various advantages of this networking platform including:

1.       An individual can make his or her profile with full professional background and update it on day to day basis.

2.       Students get an opportunity to interact with student coordinators of international level in order to get beneficial future guidelines.

3.       It also helps recruiters to search for the appropriate job candidates for a required job.

4.       Internship and job postings periodically.

5.       An opportunity for both students and professionals to stay updated with the current business scenario.

6.       Various companies and business schools have set up their groups on LinkedIn and they interact with the group members on regular basis. This practice keeps the group members activated.

On the whole LinkedIn is a professional networking site where two way communications take place. No doubt, it is gateway towards the enhancement of professional scenario globally.

I would therefore recommend all students reading this article to get subscribed to LinkedIn in order to grab real life opportunities.

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