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Mid Term Examinations Done!!

23/11/2012 10:56:15

Mid Term Examinations Done!!

Examinations are always hectic for students. But, no doubt they really bring out the best of all students and help them grasp the essence of their respective subjects. IoBM had Mid Term Exams from 13th of November 2012 to 19th November 2012. They just ended few days ago. Now everyone is in the air. As the semester is moving towards end. Everyone has geared up to make their projects for each course. 

Now the students have just four weeks to go. So lets hope that they give their best in projects and get fruitful results in the final exams as well. 

IoBM has a very strict policy of grading. The marks out of 100 are generally allocated as,

1st Mid Term 15 Marks

2nd Mid Term 15 Marks

Quizzes (Min. 3 and Max. 5) 5 Marks

Assignments (Min. 3 and Max. 5) 5 Marks

Class Participation 5 Marks

Research Term Project 10 Marks

Presentation of the Project 5 Marks

Total 100 Marks

This is how IoBM, scrutinize its students to give their best, be it exams, quizzes, assignments or projects. One who excels in all the above thingies is truly a WINNER!

Next time I will enlighten my fellows with the grading policy of IoBM. Till then, cheers!

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