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Gabriela Milanova

03/03/2013 17:50:22

Gabriela Milanova


By joining Live from Campus I would  like to introduce my beautiful colleague Gabriela Milanova,  who is now Eduniversal reporter.

Gabby is a 3rd year student in IUC, studies IBM courses.  But before coming to IUC she studied Marketing Management for a few years in the Netherlands. She came to IUC because it offered her the best opportunity to continue her education.

Gabby  is from a small town of Bulgaria called Silistra. She grew up and graduated high school in Silistra. In high school she attended Spanish and English classes as well.

She is highly motivated and keen on writing. Her confident and mature approach to work inspires me as a colleague in works we do together and it’s just a lot of fun working with her. She is a very positive person, even though the first impression of her might build the feeling that she is somewhat quiet and reserved person. But in fact she has a cheerful and tactful personality.

For the question “What do you enjoy doing?” she answers:  “I enjoy reading a good book and laughing over dinner with friends. I am interested in writing and developing my adobe skills. I often end up engulfed in playing Spider to be doing any of those things”.

Also she says: “I like the people in Dobrich. They are always warm and ready to help. I enjoy going out with my colleagues to have fun and dance the night away.”

After graduating she plans to pursue a career in advertising so I wish my amiable colleague a genuine success in all her future endeavors! smiley

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