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Carrier Day 2013

20/03/2013 00:30:22

Carrier Day 2013



The spring semester is about to end and it is time for future business specialists to start reviewing and printing out their CVs.

Today “IUC Carrier Day 2013” was organized with the help of Carrier Center and Student Council in International University College, Dobrich.

The concept of the meeting was very simple, yet very important. Dobrich and Varna city campus students of IUC gathered to seize their opportunities to meet and to discuss with employers from leading national as well as international companies about summer internships.

It started at 10:30 in the morning with presentations of different companies like hotels and restaurants. The companies presented themselves by telling about their basic background, displaying their success and achievement awards, playing videos and of course by announcing their available internship opportunities and job placements.

The job opportunities that were presented by the companies aroused interest in lots of students. So we wish best of luck to all the business students who are full of energy and enthusiasm, in getting the job that they desire. Likewise, much thanks to all the companies, Carrier center and our Student Council members for their valuable help!


Videos are available here

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