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Cultural Festival in IUC

04/12/2012 12:49:26

Cultural Festival in IUC

When a student starts university International days are one of the things that awaits them for certain as a part of the amazing experience. Just like anywhere else it happened in IUC as well. It began at 14:00 and lasted till the end of the night.

The Cultural festival is one of those events you don`t need guidance to find. The energy buzzing in the air attracts anyone who happens to pass nearby. There are loud laughs and amused exclamations bouncing off the walls. But the bustle isn’t enough to prepare us for the room full of students moving, laughing and talking. One look is all it takes to see friendships forming and understanding bridging the borders of countries that do not exist in this room.  

The room is divided in two. One screen for the cultural presentations and one for the movies that leave everyone in awe, shining light on foreign and exotic places of the world.

The event starts with a power point presentation about Bulgaria. The students show us two short movies about Bulgaria’s enchanting nature. They also present the beautiful traditional folk dance.



Peru is oddly missing and everyone notices. Eyes curious for more look around the room, but no one is stepping towards the front screens. Before disappointment manages to settle China is already being called forward. True to character the Chinese presentation is spoken in a soft tone and is well prepared. The short movie that rolls on the screen amazes the audience with its colors and architecture so foreign that it seems nearly impossible that any person can live in something so beautiful. Later on, the Chinese student walks around the room offering strong tea and delicious fruits to anyone who is interested in experiencing this country.



After that the Indian students share recipes of their traditional dishes.

Then from the opposite end of the world comes Curaçao. The small Caribbean island is an exotic mix of European styles with something that is unique to the people living there. It could be the blue sky that covers the rows of pink and yellow houses or the mention of the Curaçao liqueur, it might even be the delicious looking Kriyoyo and stobá, but the mood picks up from there.

The world of the Himalayas, Nepal, chooses to present itself by showing a power point presentation with its geographical information and with many interesting facts. Do you know that Nepal’s national animal is a cow? Or that their national bird is Lophophorus and the country's color is red? The world’s highest peak – Mount Everest is also located in Nepal.

Romania is presented by a student from the HRC culinary academy that is hosted in the same building as IUC. Many of the Bulgarian students can recognize the stuffed camp bells and the ciorbă that are typical for the Balkan peninsula.


Anyone who has ever watched Aladdin remembers Princes Jasmine with her big eyes, full of emotions and her long luxurious hair. This is what Turkmenistan women look like. They are the beauties described in the Arabian nights and their traditional clothes, covered in embroidery and beats can put any Game of Thrones costume designer to shame.

When we approach the Portugal display-table at the Cultural Festival we can see flowers – Red Carnations. Our Portuguese friend - Joana Parga shares with us a very interesting story about how those flowers played a great role in their history on April 25, 1974 Lisbon, Carnation Revolution. She says: “In Portugal, the Red Carnation is a symbol of revolution, particularly, the symbol of courage, bravery, also bloodshed and hope, since the flower doesn’t die and our hope didn’t die back then”.


From the Hungarian students’ presentation we learn that their traditional dish is the Goulash soup and we discover that Hungary is very popular for its TOKAJI wine.


As the mood escalates students from Spain start dancing the popular Makarena dance and are urging everyone to join them. The Turkish presentation centeres on belly dancers, beer and discos. That isn’t something that we are expecting to learn as a cultural aspect, but it certainly adds lots of fun to the festival.


Somewhere along the way, the curiosity has turned into laughter and dances. Poland takes Spain on the challenge and follows the Macarena with a song of its own. It could be the Portuguese yellow cheese or the Turkish Raki, it might even be the Bulgarian Banitsa, but the whole audience joins in the singing. Poland bows out leaving us with the knowledge of Pierogi, Krakow that looks like a fairy tale stage and good music.

Russia is the climax of the evening. A first year students along with a beautiful girl present everything we already know about the country. The boy is tall, dressed in a sweater with Russia written across his chest with big red letters. He is carrying a gun in one hand and a flask in his back pocket. The girl is just as tall and possesses that gentle smile that makes everyone stop and listen to her. She shows us Russia on the map of the world and shows us the beauty of her hometown Moscow, the capital. It amazes everyone with its mixture of eastern and western architecture. After that she shows us a 2 minute movie about life in Russia that gives us a small taste about the hilarious disasters that occur in the country on a daily bases. The presentation ends with another song and a guitar performance.


By the time Ukraine begins their presentation their borscht is already over. The girls that present are dressed in traditional clothes – white shirts with intricate embroidery of red flowers. We learn that their capital is Kiev and that their flag is blue and yellow. The presentations conclude with another song that sets the mood for the after party that follows a few hours later.


    Just as soon as the presentation room is clean and everyone is dressed for a night full of music and dances.


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