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Grandma Marta (Baba Marta) in IUC

03/03/2013 18:07:26

Grandma Marta (Baba Marta) in IUC


Each year on the first day of March Bulgarians meets the day of Baba Marta (Grandma Marta).

On this day people give each other Martenitsas - bracelets which are made of white and red cotton threads. Martenitsas are sold in shops and streets, also people can make it with their own hand.  According to Bulgarian tales and believes the red and white colors of Martenitsa carry the meaning of health and prosperity. Therefore, Bulgarian people are supposed to attach those Martenitsas to their loved ones’ wrists or clothes wishing strong health and prosperity.


This special day was celebrated in International University College too. Students and IUC staff gathered together to make Martenitsas with their own hands and send it to children orphanages wishing them the best wishes. Using their sense of creativity, students made bracelets, dolls and some other kinds of decorations very beautiful, indeed.  And some, who couldn’t manage to make it beautiful, explained that they were just inspired by horror movies. devil Everyone did a great job, as far as I remember the best bracelets were made by our Chinese student Linda Wang, who kept congratulating everyone over and over again and her positive and kind attitude was so inspiring and joyful for everyone.


Students had a lot of fun together and after hours of great job everyone got to go to their own work and studies. smiley


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