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Next to IUC dormitory…

28/11/2012 20:22:44

Next to IUC dormitory…



Next to IUC dormitory…

After long school hours, when students feel like going for a walk in a park, having some good leisure time, enjoy some delightful dishes, go to sports or anything else, there is a beautiful park Izida, conveniently located next to the IUC dormitory in Dobrich.

For those who would like to chat with friends over a delicious meal that`s exactly what the Izida Restaurant offers.

For the sport fans there are tennis courts, sport hall, football yard, swimming pool, and bicycles. IUC students can often be seen playing tennis or football. This is also where the College organizes its championships.


Izida has dancing lessons as well: aerobics, step aerobics, zumba, Hip hop, salsa and many others.


Many students, me included, go just to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the park. It’s the reason why I like biking there so much.

So if you ever pass by the Dobrich campus of IUC, do not forget to visit Izida Park and beat a few games with IUC students! You’ll be more than welcomed!

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