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WeLcOmE To My CaMpUS!!!

27/11/2012 16:14:13

WeLcOmE To My CaMpUS!!!


WeLcOmE To My CaMpUS!!!

  International University College (IUC) is a university that is growing at a phenomenal rate and popular with its Business Programs, especially with its collaboration with the most prestigious universities of Europe - Cardiff Metropolitan University and University of Portsmouth in United Kingdom. Therefore I am excited to tell those potential students who are interested in IUC - that in the end of academic period students will acquire two diplomas: one Bulgarian IUC diploma and the other one from Cardiff Metropolitan University in UK. For wide information about IUC Bachelor and Master Programs please visit

  IUC has several campuses in different cities of Bulgaria: Dobrich, Varna and Sofia Campuses. The central campus of IUC is in Dobrich. It is one of the most historical towns of the country. In fact, I think this is the best place for relaxation with its historical sights, beautiful restaurants, lively parks and numerous romantic places.

  Furthermore, IUC is known for its international orientation. Students from more than 30 countries study here which makes it a place of diversity. This year Dobrich campus accepted more than twenty incoming exchange students coming from all over Europe and from two Russian universities.

 So if you wish to study in international multicultural atmosphere, want to discover more about other countries, want to become highly skilled professional with an exceptional competence, IUC is Your Business School.







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