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ISCTE Business School Team Wins Renault University Competition

10/01/2013 10:56:49

ISCTE Business School Team Wins Renault University Competition


The wining project of the Renault University Competiotion "Building the Wheels of the Future" belongs to ISCTE Business School - with the "Communication Plan | Renault ZE" created by students Bruno Garcia, João Lamarão, Mafalda Gallego, Pedro Claro and Vasco Oliveira with the guidance of Professor Joaquim Vicente Rodrigues.
At the beginning of the school year 2011/2012, Renault launched the 2nd Edition of the Renault University Contest "Building the Wheels of the Future" challenging undergraduate, masters and postgraduate students to present their strategic vision about the paradigm shift that represents, for automotive industry, the electric mobility.
Through this initiative, Renault aims to contribute to the development of excellence in academic training of students as well as to create a strong link between the academic world and the business world, encouraging the development of creative and innovative ideas, with real practical application.

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