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Surfing @ Lisbon

31/01/2014 20:18:16

Surfing @ Lisbon

Due to it's geographical position, Portugal is blessed with some seriously sweet swells throughout most of the year. You can drive up the coast along 600km+ of open beach-break and concealed bays.

All you need in Portugal is a little spirit to enjoy the waves and you'll be rewarded. The world's best surfers travel to Portugal every year during the month of October to compete in Peniche. Peniche is known as one of the best spots in the world to surf. The break at the aptly named "Supertubos" makes this stage one of the most spectacular on the whole ASP World Tour.

You can in Lisbon arrange tours to watch this exciting competition, and you can also meet a partner with local surf schools so students can take surf/bodyboard/windsurf/kitesurf lessons and/or rent equipment for reduced prices!

Description: Rip Curl Pro 2012 Peniche - Portugal at Supertubos.

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