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Visiting students and workshop on case studies

30/10/2014 17:09:48

Visiting students and workshop on case studies

As the summer began, the Faculty had a group of 30 undergraduate students of the School of Business and Economics, ICESI University, Colombia, paying a visit to our School on May. They were accompanied by Professor Lina Martinez, Ph.D. and Professor Enrique Ramirez Ph.D. Like us, ICESI University holds the AACSB accreditation as well. They have declared their intentions about developing and strengthening the cooperation between the two instutions. Our faculty members gave two presentations about the Turkish economy and a brief history of our Institution. Looking forward to exchange possibilities.

IU School of Business organized a workshop on case method teaching and writing case studies on June,13th of 2014. The workshop was run by University of Southern California Professor Kenneth A. Merchant who is an expert in field study management accounting cases.


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