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It 's exam time ... !!!!

01/06/2014 02:39:52

It 's exam time ... !!!!

The right topic at the right moment !!! Preparing for an exam on Tuesday , I was very excited to share my experience with every body .My study habits have always been studying in a closed quiet place , reading out loudly then explaining the text to myself .Since I came to McGill , everything changed ! I now study in the library or in a cafe taking written or typed notes of what I read . I still have the bad habit of a messed -up sleep schedule during exams , but the huge stress of the MBA is worth it .

The McGill Student Couselling Center offers great workshops on exam anxiety and exam preparation which I have attended all . They also offer a 30 mins sitting mediation every Monday ,which I plan to take on Monday before my exam .


Wish me goodluck please ! :)

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