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Management Fest @ the Campus

29/01/2014 11:10:28

Management Fest @ the Campus

NMIMS Bangalore kicked off its annual fest Nityaksh with the first two days filled with management events. Students of various streams like Finance, Marketing, Human resources and Operations battled it out on the elevated platform provided to them by NMIMS. It was their chance to excel in their chosen fields.

Events like Finezza, Arkios, Abhiyanam Chanakyam, Adhaar, Lekhan and Model United Nations required the candidates to register online while events like Fincharades and gaming were open to on-the-spot registrations.

On the D-Day, students who made it through the prelims were present on the campus to be a part of the day’s program. Model United Nations, as the name suggests is the event in which each candidate assumed the role of a representative of a country and discussed about an arbitrary yet futuristic scenario given to them.

 Finezza on the other hand was the battle of blooming bankers who were supposed to solve a case study and come up with the best outcome that suits the situation given to them. After the conclusion of these events, people who made it to the last round of Arkios were supposed to be ready with their marketing mixes for Mahindra Scorpio and yet again, the battle of intellects started. Students from reputed universities across the country presented their cases on how Mahindra should project their product to the market. Mahindra executives got some innovative ideas out of the budding managers.

The next day began with Fincharades. As the name suggests it was Dumbcharades with a twist. The contestants were supposed to act out or draw the financial terms and their team mates were supposed to recognize the term, the event displayed the creative side of the students and a tinge of humor backed with a sense of accomplishment for winners. Then came the time for online gaming. All the planners, athletes and snipers of the virtual world came under one roof to play Age of Empires, FIFA and Counter Strike. This event had a humongous response from students and they proved that they aren’t just future managers hiding behind their books and formulating strategies but also gaming and gadget geeks. Another event was the political event Abhiyanam Chanakyam, in which students were supposed to make their own political party with a clear goal and come up with a manifesto and convince people to vote for them and make them win. The turn up again was huge and the presentations about their goals turned out to be inspiring. Who knows one of those “leaders” might lead India to a brighter future.

This concluded the action, thrill, drama, the battle of minds and clash of titans that went on in the management fest of NMIMS Bangalore.


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