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Nityaksh' 14- Cultural Events

31/01/2014 04:37:31

Nityaksh' 14- Cultural Events

Nityaksh 2014, the much awaited annual fest of NMIMS, Bangalore kick started with 2 days of management events followed by a couple of days of high-energy cultural events.

The two days of the cultural fest was where students from different colleges showcased their otherwise unknown talents, onstage, in front of a packed audience.

The first days’ event started off with solo singing. There was melody all the way and one could mentally traverse through decades as the songs being sung were a curious mix of classical and contemporary. The auditorium reverberated with soulful voices and audience were kept busy as they were singing their throats off and clapping their hands all the way which was a pleasant sight to witness and be a part of.

Next on the list was solo and group dancing. This was when one could literally feel adrenaline pumping in the air when the dancers, in synch with the music, raised a lot of goose-bumps. High level nerve wrecking, mind boggling, jaw dropping, mesmerizing and truly astounding dance forms ranging from classical to hip-hop to contemporary left the audience simply dumbstruck. Co-ordination and synchronization were perfectly in place and one could understand the level of practise and long hours of effort which were put in to come up with such splendid performances.

An inspiring drama was what followed the dance shows and all of us could relate to the same. It was late in the evening when this show and the events for the day concluded.

But before that, there had to be some winners for the day, who were, according to the judges just a tad better than the other performers and they were felicitated for the same.

Day Two commenced with a salsa workshop in which enthusiastic couples got to learn a thing or two about the sensuous art of salsa.

It was finally time for the most awaited segment of the entire event. The chill winter evening truly belonged to one of India’s biggest rock band- Euphoria, members of which enchanted the audience all the way. In a jam packed auditorium, with a capacity of thousand, people from all around the city swayed and danced to the music of the band. Euphoria gripped the entire music fraternity with sheer panache and the love for music which had brought us all in one place.

Nityaksh 2014 will fondly be remembered for its wonderful performances, nerve wrecking competition, strong group dynamics and the sheer delight provided in its four day journey- two days of management fest and two days of cultural fest. The show put up by the college and the cultural committee ‘Rang’ is something worth commending and it makes everybody look forward to Nityaksh 2015 with increased optimism.

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