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The Sports Awards Ceremony

28/04/2014 07:55:31

The Sports Awards Ceremony

The Sports Committee of NMIMS-Bangalore, Lakshya, was buoyant throughout the year, organizing a plethora of sporting events for the students of the institute. Although there were obstacles on the way, the members of Lakshya were never bogged down and managed the proceedings with utmost dedication. It was a treat to be a part of many games as the students participated with zeal and enthusiasm.

To begin with, the students of NMIMS-Bangalore were broadly divided into 4 groups- Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, and after intense competition, drama and perseverance, it was the Red team which won the tournament. During the course of all the games, one could witness the participants “let off steam” (as expected), revealing unseen/unknown skill, playing hard and fair to win which is the way any sport ought to be played.

The sporting events that were organized ranged from cricket to badminton, futsal to basketball, athletics to table tennis, carrom to chess and throwball to volleyball, all of which were played in the same good spirit of competition.

As most of the sporting events were scheduled on different days, Lakshya organized a sports ceremony- Abhivarta, for the distribution of prizes to all the winning participants. The proceedings commenced on a pleasant Saturday evening, with the heads of the college sharing their evening with us.

It was a wonderful and enthralling experience, as the arena was a theater of claps and cheers when the winners were handed over their accolades which they thoroughly deserved to win. The director of the institute was pleased to be amongst us, congratulating and awarding all the winners. Various prizes were distributed and the much coveted cup, the winners/champions trophy, stole the limelight when it was handed to Red Team! The same was followed with a standing ovation as the other competing teams appreciated and applauded the members of the Red team, something which could easily trigger goose-bumps, showcasing the off-field respect which everybody possessed.

And the inevitable session of photography commenced with all the teams fundamentally celebrating victories and capturing memories which will most definitely be cherished and remembered for many more days to come. 

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