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The B-School Life

20/02/2014 10:48:23

The B-School Life

Some people say that B-School life is all about meeting deadlines, guest speakers, cash flow models and creating business models. While others are of a view that it is a series of long happy hours. So what is B-School life all about? Well it depends...

At NMIMS, Bangalore students get an opportunity to have a time of their life. Freshman year is all about new management subjects where some struggle with understanding accounts while some with the very thought of existence of HR. Students get to be part of various committees where they get a practical experience of working in a team with budget and time constraints. Interaction with the corporate, raising funds for an event and cold calling is a constant buzz in the college. Sleepless nights and early morning classes is something very ordinary for a management student. But this is where one learns to juggle academics with co-circular activities. The thrill, the excitement and the sense of achievement which one feels through this phase is unmatchable.

Students are often confused about the specialisation they want to choose. There is a sense of seriousness with the very thought that this one decision would decide their future. But the whole curriculum is designed in such a way that a student realizes his/her strengths and weaknesses which helps them to make a sensible decision.

 This one year has been an amazing experience with some highs and some lows. But this is where learning is, this is where one becomes responsible towards their career, society and most importantly for themselves.

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