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EdUniversal event: Education 2020 - challenges for the near future

27/11/2012 05:36:53

EdUniversal event: Education 2020 - challenges for the near future

I want to share some additional workshops I could participate on EdUniversal event here in Peru.

On October 18th, the session: Education 2020 - challenges for the near future was held.

In the first part of the session, Prof. João AMARO DE MATOS, Associate Dean International Development, Nova School of Business and Economics (Portugal), emphasized the importance of partnerships that should be established in Business Schools, noting that partnerships fit strategy.

In his presentation mentioned that the challenges are going from Benchmarking to Positioning (most of the courses are taught in English) to Export (most important for schools is employability).

Finally he commented about the South Atlantic triangle consists of Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique, boom economies that world begins to interest in (eg in China are studying Portuguese).

In the second part of the session, Dr. Beatrice Avolio, Deputy General Director, CENTRUM Católica (Peru) spoke about changes in student demand; it is estimated that there are 25 million degree-seeking students.

Dr Avolio showed an interesting approach of Gardner (2008), about the five minds for the future, challenges for students success : Disciplined Mind, Ethical Mind, Synthesizing Mind, Respectful Mind, Creative Mind

Finally, Mr. Alonso Gomez, Professor of Strategy and International Operations Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) showed us an interesting view of the world with different factors to show that we must see the world not only in a geographical and geopolitical perspective, but also geotechnological, geodemographic, geoeconomic, geobiological, geopsychological and geoespiritual; we have to start doing things in different ways.

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