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A little sightseeing in Lima, Peru without spending much (Part II)

31/12/2012 22:51:07

A little sightseeing in Lima, Peru without spending much (Part II)

I'm back from the little tour that just I concluded to give my friends from Slovenia, and I wanted to finish telling you what else we did during the afternoon.

After take somo photos on the beach, I invited my friends to lunch at my house, where my parents were waiting with our
traditional Pisco Sour and traditional dishes of Peru: Arroz con Pollo and Papa a la Huancaina (cooked by the best chef of
the world, my mother).

My father, a music fan, placed some salsa music and my mother taught them some pictures of my grandparents (who were born between the border with Slovenia and Italy).

After a delicious lunch, we visited the Christ of the Pacific, a monument which has a height of 37 m located on a hill from where you can see all of Lima. This is an inspiring place, where you can see all the green coast, and constructions of Lima, the capital that continues growing each year.



At the end of this tour, where it was not necessary to go too far from home, my friends told me that now they have a great impression of Peru and its people, and I had a great satisfaction to show the beauty of my country and what it means for us the family.

When you come, we hope to give everyone a tour like this, See you!

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