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A little sightseeing in Lima, Peru without spending so much (Part I)

31/12/2012 22:47:56

A little sightseeing in Lima, Peru without spending so much (Part I)

The weekend got some friends from Europe, Slovenia,  and they asked me for a little tour around Lima; this gave me the idea to tell you about the tour I gave them, as many foreign students come to CENTRUM and my experience could help them to take a small tour but cheap and nice, now that it's summer in my country.

At 9 a.m. in the morning I picked up my friends in Miraflores, a district full of entertainment establishments and many green areas, to know Larcomar, a shopping center that offers good places to eat, cinemas, theaters, shops, and the best clubs in Lima. The main attraction is that it is built on a cliff, from which tourists can appreciate all our coast and the beautiful beaches, a spectacular view.


The beaches can be seen from Larcormar, and that led to my friends asking me to meet some of those beaches (Slovenia have a few km of beach), so I went down to the Costa Verde. The Costa Verde beach circuit, is in the south part of the Lima coastline, the Costa Verde is known for being the only way beneath the cliff and adjacent to the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

In the next article I will tell you a little more about the tour I gave my friends .. we are going to lunch!

See you!

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