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Interview with Miss Thiemduen, Alumnus at Thammasat Business School

18/09/2012 05:44:03

Interview with Miss Thiemduen, Alumnus at Thammasat Business School


Interview with Miss Thiemduen, Alumnus at Thammasat Business School


Interviewer:     Hello. May you please introduce yourself?

Miss Thiemduen:  Hi! I'm Thiemduen Yuvajan. I'm a new graduate from BBA TU, accounting major. Now I've just started my first full-time work as a tax consultant at PwC.

Interviewer:     What is Thammasat Business School to you?

Miss Thiemduen:  The best business school in Thailand.

Interviewer:     What are some activities which you did while you were a student at Thammasat Business School?

Miss Thiemduen:  - President of BBA Class 17th (2008-Present) 

- Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge (TUBC): 
As a Team Liaison for University of Washington (2008), as an Accommodation Department Staff for 2010 & 2011

- BBA Thammasat Charity Concert 
As a Sales Department Staff in 2008 & 2009 and a VP for 2011

- Committee of Thammasat University Student Union 
As Tha Prachan Administration Team for 2008 and External Affairs Coordinator for 2009

- Staff Member of 66th Chula-Thammasat Traditional Football Match hosted by Thammasat University (2009)

- BBA 6th Voluntary Camp (Rural Area Development Camp) Member (2009)

Interviewer:     Share with us your favorite memory/memories at Thammasat Business School.

Miss Thiemduen:  As a president of BBA class 17, I had to organize tons of BBA activities. My most favorite moment is when every BBA people became one and made almost impossible thing be possible! The strong relationship among BBA people is very impressive and I really love it.

Interviewer:     What achievement(s) at Thammasat Business School are you most proud of?

Miss Thiemduen:  What I'm most proud of is a position of BBA class 17. There were many talented people who were very suitable for this position but I was the one who was elected to be here even though it is very rare to have a female president. 

Interviewer:     Please leave a few words to prospect students who are interested in Thammasat Business School.

Miss Thiemduen:  Don't be reluctant! If you are interested in business world, TBS is the best place to professionally guide you to the moon!!

Interviewer:     Thank you very much for your time. We are very proud to have a great alumnus such as you.

Miss Thiemduen:   I'm also proud to be interviewed by my beloved junior as well.

Be the Best Always,


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