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The American University in Cairo (AUC) held its Spring 2013 commencement ceremonies for 702 masters and bachelor’s degree candidates. In the two ceremonies, President Lisa Anderson awarded 557 undergraduate degrees and 145 graduate degrees to candidates from each of AUC’s schools. Ben Wedeman, CNN senior international correspondent in Rome, and an AUC alumnus, and Hisham Ramez, governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, addressed the students as the keynote speakers.

Speaking at the undergraduate commencement, Hisham Ramez, governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, encouraged students to pursue new experiences because success only comes through trial and error. “Failure in anything is not the end; it’s always the start,” he said. “We all went through failures until we learned what to do right. Great innovations started with a simple idea. Always keep your approach and communication simple, and you’ll reach your goal.” To watch Ramez’s full speech, click here.



Addressing his fellow graduates, Mahmoud Kalila, economics major, reflected, “I like to think of my four years at AUC as an unsolved Rubik’s Cube that is rotated into position year by year until it is completely solved. Much like my knowledge and skills that have been sharpened each year until I became the fine intellectual you see tonight.” To watch Kalila's speech, click here.


Below is Mahmoud Kalila, AUC Economics Graduate, giving the graduation speech; solving the Rubiks Cube


In an interview with Ahmed Fayed ’13, Ahmed entered AUC six years ago, he aspired to become an engineer. However, as he became involved in the Student Union and other extracurricular activities, he realized that his passion lies in the development work. Following his dreams, Fayed became the first AUC student to graduate with a dual degree –– a bachelor’s in construction engineering and a master’s in public administration. As he walked across the commencement stage during both the undergraduate and graduate ceremonies, he felt a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. During Fayed’s senior year, he spent a semester abroad at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs while working as an intern at the United Nations. “The experience taught me that AUC students can succeed anywhere,” he affirmed. “Even though I was the youngest in my graduate classes, I always felt equal to them. AUC taught me to debate, present my argument and work hard.”



Below is Ahmed Fayed, AUC Graduate, recieving his bachelor degree from President Liza Anderson


At the undergraduate commencement ceremony, 99 undergraduate students graduated with honors, 102 with high honors and 86 with highest honors. In addition, individual awards for their superior academic performance, as well as their contributions to campus and community life recognized several students. The President’s Cup and the associated Mohamed M. El-Beleidy Academic Award, both of which go to the student with the highest grade point average, were awarded to five students this semester: AminaSaleh, Dalia Elserafy, Darin Radwan, Miral Tawfik and Nourhan Sakr.

Speaking at the undergraduate ceremony, President Lisa Anderson addressed the students: “I hope that, in addition to everything else you learn at AUC, graduates, you learned the value of perseverance, of trying again when you don’t succeed, of designing new roads when your path is blocked, of planning ahead to anticipate obstacles. 





To view photos of commencement, click here.



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