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AUC Olympics!

19/09/2013 18:44:18

AUC Olympics!


The AUC Olympics, the biggest sporting event on campus for all students and faculty at the American University in Cairo. You don't have to be an athlete, the friendly tournaments are open to everyone at all skill levels, and students, faculty and friends come compete with their peers and professors. Students are welcome to sign up as an organizer or cheerleader too. At the AUC Olympics, students represent their school in one of 5 teams (Sciences and Engineering, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Global Affairs and Public Policy, and Freshmen). Which team and which school will take home the gold? More updates to come! Stay tuned!



The AUC Olympics is a special annual event initiated and sponsored by AUC's Parents Association, bringing together the entire University community in a fair and friendly sports tournament promoting health and fitness. Athletes participate in the competitions as well as non-athletes, who are welcome to take part as cheerleaders and / or event organizers. The latter’s exposure to sports activities will then hopefully encourage him or her to participate in future sporting events.


Our long-term goal:

To change the culture of AUC students from being purely focused on academia to integrating sports in their academic life. Tomorrow's leaders, when they integrate sports and fitness into their daily routines, will receive the benefits of a more focused mind and more able body. This integration between academic studies and sports activity has proven to have a strongly positive outcome on the academic performance of athletic students with regard to leadership, competitiveness, teamwork, cooperation and time management. The first AUC Olympics took place from March 25 to 27, 2012 and hosted 138 participants competing in 5 teams, representing each of the academic schools; with an additional team representing freshmen and undeclared students. This year, the AUC Olympics will take place from October 7 to 9, 2013 and will feature basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and track and field competitions. Students and faculty will be invited to represent their schools.


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