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TEDxAUC: Baking Ideas

01/08/2013 02:31:09

TEDxAUC: Baking Ideas


"Think of the huge amount of ideas that bombard your mind and you never find the courage to pursue any of them. If your idea is not well baked, then it doesn't exist. You could have a million ideas, but they are all worthless if you don't get them done."

Amr Ashraf- Founder of TEDxAUC


The American University in Cairo (AUC) is a diverse community full of inspiring ideas, success stories, achievements, and endless opportunities shaping the whole Arab region. TEDxAUC is AUC’s platform for ideas worth spreading with the vision of connecting the AUC community’s potentials and inspiring ideas through authentic dialogue. The theme of the second TEDxAUC event hosted by AUC was ‘Idea Bakers’. TEDxAUC has put together 20 successful speakers from all fields, not just in business to feature their success stories and give us their insightful look from the day they got their ideas to the know-how of baking their ideas with the perfect ingredients.


Under the theme of Entrepreneurship, the event revolved around the idea that entrepreneurs launch ideas the same way bakers bake a pie. "We believe that baking an idea is more crucial than the idea itself; think of the huge amount of thinkers you meet every day, but clever bakers are very rare to find" says Ashraf.  The event speakers featured Dr. Sherif Kamel, founding Dean of the School of Business at AUC, Sherif El-Ghamrawy, founder of Basata Ecolodge, Mohamed Al-Ayouti, Senior Manager of Strategy and Business Development at Vodafone, Ayman Rashed, founder of, Omar Soudodi, General Manager at Egypt, Disalata, the famous online video magazine, Dr. Maha El-Shinnawy, Director of the Goldman Sachs Women's Entrepreneurship and Leadership programme (WEL) at AUC, Mostafa Abou-Gamrah, Founder and CEO of Technowireless Digital Ads (TWDA), and many other Egyptian entrepreneurs who spoke can be found on TEDxAUC’s website and Facebook fan page.


A few of the event that stood out included: 

•   Shady Barakat, co-founder of The Home Page, who talked about having a proactive spirit and being a self-learner instead of getting someone to tell you what to do. He likened being an entrepreneur to joining the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture.

•   Con O'Donnell, Founder of Sarmady, and the Chairman of, who spoke about focusing on winning the local market at your startup before considering whether exporting the product makes sense.

•    Sherif El Ghamrawy, Founder of Basata Village told us about his personal life experience and how he moved from Cairo to the desert of Sinai to pursue his dream business and lifestyle, as he believed both were inseparable. That business was an eco-village, a place that is friendly to the environment where people can spend fun days away from Cairo's pollution and crowds.  


You might think TEDxAUC success has to do with the quality of the speakers, and that’s partially true, but the main reason extends much deeper. It includes a certain X factor that you never see on camera or while sitting back in the auditorium.  For me the ‘X’ factor in TEDxAUC truly is the organizing crew. For TEDxAUC, it’s Amr Ashraf and his team who all made this happen.



Make Sure to follow them on twitter @TEDxAUC for updates about their coming TEDxAUC event, ''Catalyst for Change''. 

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