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#4 LFC CONTEST: AUC Graduate Finance Student, Salma Hassanein Makes her University Proud!

20/08/2013 22:01:36

#4 LFC CONTEST: AUC Graduate Finance Student, Salma Hassanein Makes her University Proud!







'Life is like a Roller Coaster, there's always positives and negatives, you ALWAYS have to clear the ROAD and KEEP GOING!







I want you to meet the jack of all trades, an AUC Finance Graduate who made the impossible, possible. I want you to meet Salma Hassanein!


Salma is a 21 year-old Graduate student from the School of Business at AUC with a minor in Psychology. Salma is a very passionate person who is very nature-oriented with a keen interest in gaining experience through exposure. She always had a strong desire and passion for Advertising, which allowed her to grow a keen interest in the Marketing Industry and a better understanding of what she aspire to be when she grows up. Since high school, Salma was always a very diligent and hardworking person, she was always able to gain experience through exposure in a variety of student clubs and charitable organizations where she was also able to apply her knowledge through her participation in a variety of internships in the Advertising sector in various companies and organizations in Egypt and Worldwide. Having much experience in different industries as well as being involved in different student associations at AUC has allowed her to adapt quickly to new environments and learn through challenges. 


In an interview with Salma, I asked her:


Can you describe how your educational system affected your lifestyle and your morals?

I remember as a child I was very sincere about my studies, I never cheated on my exams and my parents and teachers always emphasized on the importance of being honest throughout my life. The education I received has influenced me a lot and has shaped me to what I am today. Along with my education, I've always realized that being honest with others and myself is very essential to have any success in my life and to what I aspire to be. 


Can you tell me how has AUC student life shaped you in being who you are today?

AUC has played a major role in shaping my lifestyle, AUC programs and activities have familiarized me with the purposes and expectations of higher education. Not only that but AUC culture and services, student rights and responsibilities has equipped me with the skills necessary to become self-reliant and also appreciate the values of respect and appreciation for the learning experiences. 


From your massive Business skills and experiences in the Advertising sector industry, I asked her, what kind of advice could you give to students just starting their education?


''Never put all your eggs in one basket'' 

At first, I didn’t really get what she meant by this, when I asked her, here's what she told me: ''If you're going to invest your money, my advice would be don't put all your eggs in one basket; in other words, don't risk losing everything by putting all your efforts or all your money into one plan or one course of action''. Such an invaluable advice to everyone who's starting a new career!



How does living in a multicultural city like Cairo affect your lifestyle?

AUC is located in a global city with a strong growing global presence. Student Life at AUC reflects this.  An AUC education is an experience like no other: diverse, cosmopolitan, vibrant and rich.  Salma informs me, AUC students do not just become well-rounded college graduates, but accomplished global citizens! Salma also tells me, AUC students have access to the University’s greatest resource: Cairo itself.  Students use the city to launch a great career.  Students intern for the world’s most influential companies, biggest media outlets and largest organizations.  They network with some of the most powerful people in the city, the country and the globe. Students also get involved in community, volunteering or working for one of the city’s many charities or even starting community service organizations of their own.  That’s just one example of how students take leadership positions that prepare them for what lies ahead after college. 


At the end of the interview with Salma, she gives me another invaluable advice that I would like to share with all students, ''A DIVERSIFIED PORTOFILIO IS A RISK FREE ONE''. This advice is for LIFE and really meant a lot to me! When I asked Salma what is the backbone of this advice, she told me, each student is a portfolio with a depreciation expense that is consumed over time and it is your core responsibility to manage that portfolio effectively and always aim for a portfolio that is giving a high expected return! 


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