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Martial Guiette and Eduniversal Team visited Universidad del Pacifico Business School!!!

24/05/2012 01:04:09

Martial Guiette and Eduniversal Team visited Universidad del Pacifico Business School!!!

One week ago, I received a skype message from Live From Campus staff, telling me that they would like to meet me for breakfast.  I said (jokingly): “I would really love that, but it would take a while for me to visit Paris, you know”, they said: “No, You won’t have to come here; they are going to Lima this week”.

This is how I found out that Eduniversal authorities would be visiting our city from May 17th to 24th.  Why they are here? I didn’t realize (shame on me) that next Eduniversal yearly convention is going to be hosted here in Lima in October, so they came here to arrange everything for that convention.

First on Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet Thierry Driver (Eduniversal Project Manager-Communication) on a casual breakfast at Swissotel in San Isidro here in Lima.  We talked about many things, such as Eduniversal Institution, Business Schools in Peru, my professional profile, October’s convention, places to visit while in Lima, food and of course: Pisco!  Thierry also wanted to meet me because, as the only official reporter of Live From Campus in South America, maybe I could help all the readers of LFC that are planning to come to Lima for the convention.  I would be glad to write more articles that would give to you right information about my city, Lima, and let you have a great time while you be here.

Finally on Wednesday; I could meet Eduniversal founder and CEO, Martial Guiette and his personal assistant, Marie Beck.  We all met at Universidad del Pacifico Business School to join Elsa del Castillo (General Director) and Karen Santillán (Alumni Manager) for an official and first visit to our campus. 

In this visit, Elsa and Karen took them on a small tour to our facilities.  Mrs. Del Castillo highlighted the quality of UP’s students in all different and specialized masters programs in the school.  In her words: “One of the mission of UP’s Business School is to specialize our professional to make them more competitive in the country, always social responsibility as main part of our vision”.

I think that Martial Guiette had a great impression of our school, not only because the prestige that follows Universidad del Pacifico’s name, but also the approach that our business school authorities have to innovate in the educational market.  In this conversation, we all agreed that nowadays having an MBA is becoming like to have a commodity, that’s why every business school has to be aware of this and start to develop uniqueness in their programs, just like we do it here in UP Business School.

The afternoon and our meeting finished with small present from the school to the Eduniversal Team in a way of a nice selection of Pisco.  For those that still don’t know about Pisco, wait for next articles to come. 

In our way back to the Westin Hotel: Martial, Marie and Thierry shared with me that they were planning to visit Macchu Picchu and Cusco -a MUST to do here in Peru if you can spend some days off- I am sure they are going to love it!

Good trip and see you again in October!!!

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