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Germany is in the MBA Program @ UP

24/04/2012 00:42:09

Germany is in the MBA Program @ UP

Let me introduce you to my MBA classmate, Juliane Montag.  The first day I met her, was the opening day of the MBA program.  We couldn´t talk much that day, so I assumed she should be Peruvian as everyone else.  Later, on first class, we introduce ourselves and I found out that Juliane was not Peruvian but German.  I thought to myself: “Wow, We are going to have international perspective here!”

We have now 6 months of sharing classrooms with Juliane, and I thought you might consider (as I do) very interesting what she thinks about the MBA program considering her international background.

1) How long have you been here in Lima? How come you decide to live in Peru?

I clearly remember that I landed on April 7th in 2009 at Jorge Chavez International Airport; so I am in my 4th year now. Basically after finishing my studies in Germany in 2007 I always had plans to live and work abroad. It took not much time and in 2009 an unforeseen opportunity came up and I decided to take on the challenge and came to Peru.

2) What were your motivations to start an MBA? Why in Lima and not wait for an opportunity to do it abroad some years later?

My motivation to study an MBA is the true believing that education is the foundation of progress. On the one hand it could be seen as an “other” requisite to achieve professional goals, but for me it’s not only that. It’s about the true satisfaction of gaining knowledge whereas the challenge is mastering its use by improvising in today’s ever changing business environment. Peru offers a variety of opportunities and selecting an MBA in one of the best University of the country was a consequence of my positive experiences I gained during my first 2 years in the country. My aspiration goes beyond; I want to connect to people and business, society and Peruvian culture.

3) Why did you decide for UP’s MBA Program rather than others that look better in the rankings?

Several factors influenced in my decision: first of all executives that I work with were highly recommending this program; its high reputation in the local education market;  the composition of the program itself and the quality and commitment of professors attracted me. I just feel well in a challenging environment that makes you grow.

4) What do you like the most of the program so far?

What really impress me are the passion and the commitment of the professors as well as the high standard of the courses I completed until now. The program is coherent and each and every single course is contributing to the big picture ensuring high quality education.

5) How you picture your professional life after the MBA?

Definitely I want to assume professional challenges with more responsibilities and leading bigger teams; also I can imagine developing myself beyond Peruvian barriers and assuming a centralized role in Latin America.

I have the aspiration to inspire people not only through good leadership practice but also as being a person with values that directs others and makes them perform at their best.

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