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A week in Silicon Valley!!!

11/09/2012 07:10:56

A week in Silicon Valley!!!

If you read my last post and you were waiting news from Silicon Valley, you would be thinking why I took so long in writing about this trip!  To tell you the truth, this journey demanded more time than I was expecting, a 7 day trip become a 4 week of catching up with work and of course with classes and exams, but let me tell you, THIS WAS ALL WORTH IT.

It’s hard to figure out how to start writing this post, especially when you have such an incredible experience like the one lived between July 15th and 20th.

Silicon Valley is just inspiring and empowering as you might think it would be.

I arrived to the airport and the team of SVLinks was already there welcome me to the city.  It was my second time in San Francisco.  A nice driver, Fermin, brought us (2 more people arrived at the same time to the airport) to the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Santa Clara. 

We made it to a welcome meeting held at the hotel bar, where we finally met the SVLinks main team.  Miguel, Diego and Carolina were the great hostesses for all that week and they were responsible to organized everything for those 7 days.



In this meeting we met all the people that came from Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain and Peru; we all made a great group of almost 20 people.  You could find executives from telecommunication companies, large banks as well as retail, mining and manufacturer firms; all of them with high expectations for what we were going to see and hear that week.

Our first day, couldn’t been better.  We get to know PlugandPlayTechCenter, one of the incubators that SV has to offer.  In here, we had a continuous presentation of 5 Latin-American startups.  They share with us their mistakes, fears, joys and rewards.  They all have in common one thing only, the same thing you are going to find around Silicon Valley: Optimism, a quality that allows people in this region to not fear making a mistake and keep trying within a learning process. 



This spirit makes a gigantic difference among many cities in the world, even between cities inside US.  An example of this can be the story of WEPAY, founded by Bill Clerico.  This 27-year old CEO, had to leave Boston where no one could see the potential of his idea, and had to move to California in order to find risk investor to trust in his project.  Now WEPAY is an online payment platform that has received 20 million dollars of investment in the last 3 years and it is competing hard with Paypal.


The following days, we get to visit Google, Twitter, Skype and many others Headquarters. Those were not just an external visit; the SVLinks team arranged everything in order to have an exclusive presentation for us, showing their work environment, motivations and current-coming projects.  We learned that every single company here strongly believes in its people and their abilities.  There is no firm that doesn’t care about having an environment that eases creativity, key factor and a competitive advantage for any IT company.

It was great to see Latin-American people just like us, participating in companies that are changing the world right now, taking decisions to improve software that maybe one of you is using right now.

What is also amazing in Silicon Valley is the networking anyone can develop.  One day you could be having lunch in a restaurant next to an investor that is highly probable looking for a project just like the one you are involve with.  It’s incredible how open the people are here, in the way that are ready to listen to you, give you advice and feedback about your idea, or maybe connect you with people they presume would help you better.  I don’t know about your countries, but mostly in any Latin-American countries the people are very reserve with their ideas.

I could continue with many things we lived during that week in Silicon Valley.  The nice restaurants we went for lunch every day, internal videos and pictures that most of the companies shared with us, our “meetings” with beers at night after each day, the incredible visit to a Wine producer in Napa Valley or the amazing God Father movie style dinner that we had as a closing program.  There are many things in my mind that would be mostly impossible to write down in a post.  So, don’t imagine it, instead live it, see it and feel it by yourself.  With that I guarantee you would return to your country with such an amazing energy that maybe would make you take a first step to another career future.


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