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Next Stop: Silicon Valley!

11/05/2012 18:11:08

Next Stop: Silicon Valley!

I am sure you have heard about Silicon Valley, right? Well, for those who haven´t, this region of the southern part of San Francisco is home to many of the world's largest technology corporations.

According to Wikipedia, the term, Silicon Valley, originally referred to the region's large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but later on came to point to all the high-tech businesses in the area.  Silicon Valley is recognized now as the most innovative region in the world.

So, why I share with you my next trip to US? Why would you be interested on my next “vacations”?  Well, precisely because this is not a vacation.  This is going to be an educational experience.  Due to an invitation of Universidad del Pacifico Business School, I am participating to the Silicon Valley Immersion Program.

And what is that? It’s a program held by SV Links, which is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting ties among and within the entrepreneurial communities of Ibero & Latin-American countries and the region of Silicon Valley in California.

This program offers numerous opportunities for interaction with key players for future business development and projects.  We will have the opportunity to listen and meet in person to company executives, CEOs, scientists, engineers, teachers, speakers, and entrepreneurs who are literally changing the world right now.

I am looking forward to start this program.  I can’t wait to experience first hand the dynamics, culture and resources of the most innovative region of the world. 

As an IT entrepreneur here in Peru, I believe this is going to be a huge chance for me to listen to executives in consolidated companies as Google or Apple, as well as startups like Tout or Streetline.  We also will have the chance to meet different investor groups, for which I am really interested.  Not mentioning the valuable networking everyone is going to acquire.  I am sure this would increase the probabilities to develop new projects anywhere.

Still think isn’t that much?  Well, let’s see how this is going to end.  For now, let me think that being for 5 days chatting, listening and asking to CEOs in the location that generates most of the business ideas in the world (approx. 4,000 new start-ups per year) could left a little influence in this Peruvian entrepreneur.

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