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50 Years of shaping future decision makers

12/04/2012 19:27:06

50 Years of shaping future decision makers

Last February, Universidad del Pacifico added its 50th year as a permanent leader in the Peruvian education.  Known as the best education institution for Economics, Accounting and Business Administration, Universidad del Pacifico is preparing for this year several meetings and hosting international events.

Here you study for real.  Not even in times of Terrorism (1980-1992), Universidad del Pacifico never resigned its vocation as a trainer of professional leaders.

We might mention how in 1992 after “Sendero Luminoso” blew up a "coche bomba" in a television station headquarters (located very close to campus). The very next day, the Dean ordered that all teachers and students continue with regular classes. Eventhough classrooms had no windows and were full of dust, classes started 7am with a total attendance.

Congrats UP!!

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