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How is to study the MBA at Universidad del Pacifico? - Part II

29/06/2012 20:07:18

How is to study the MBA at Universidad del Pacifico? - Part II

This month, June, has been the toughest time so far since I got into the MBA.  I know this is due not only to the increasing work I am getting at my job but also because this MBA program is getting more and more intensive and competitive.

As I was describing before, a week in the Executive MBA @ Universidad del Pacifico begins on Thursday.  The day after starts again with typical job duties.  Running an IT business here in Lima is really challenging, that’s why I got into the MBA program in the first place.  I start the morning with 1 meeting at the financial district and 2 hours left got to run for my second meeting 30 minutes from where I am.

As the hours flies away, I keep thinking of having a second fast read to the summary I made to the 3 chapters due for tonight, so I choose lunch time to take a quick look at that. 

After lunch, now in my office, I start answering 68 new emails I got in my inbox, this will take at least 2 hours, and then I’ll have to process and reassign the info of the two companies visited today.  By that, it is again 6pm so I have to deal again with Lima’s traffic in order to be on time to campus.  Just for your information, Friday afternoon on winter time here in Lima is the worst.  As weekend began, everyone wants to leave its jobs as soon as possible, making streets of Lima unbearable.

Finally, I got at UP’s campus, and It’s time again for another 4 hour classes.  This time: Cost Accounting.

Imagine this! It is Friday night, you were having a full week of hard work and you were studding and reading like many years ago you were used to.  It would be perfect to have a drink or a nice dinner, right?  Well, once again, you are wrong!! This cannot happen, at least not for us!! Not in this MBA program.  By this time, everyone has an average of 5-6 hour sleep so the only thing anyone is thinking now is to have a regular sleep now, especially if tomorrow (Saturday) all of us have to be 9am sharp for our 9 hour-2 subject full classes day again at campus.

So now I am driving home to get a better sleep time, because tomorrow is going to be a looong day!

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