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#LFC Contest: beNOVA Scholarships, an Alumni Initiative

23/08/2013 11:08:11

#LFC Contest: beNOVA Scholarships, an Alumni Initiative

Have you ever thought how would it have been if you had no possibility to continue to study due to a financial difficulty? Well, nowadays Portugal is going through a difficult financial situations and a lot of families have to do great efforts to keep ensuring their children´s education continues.

Taking all this into account, Virginia Lopes, Eduardo Marques Ferreira and José Portela (three Alumni of Nova SBE from class of 1980) came together and developed the beNOVA Scholarships Program which consists on financially helping students with the referred difficulties.

This initiative took place for the first time last year (academic year of 2012/2013) helping eight students to keep studying at Nova SBE (five first-year students; two second-year students and one third-year student). At the end of the academic year an above average performance was verified for each one of these students being maybe one of the reasons that contribute the “no longer have the pressure for not being able to pay the studies and be able to focus more in the goals”.

The beNOVA Scholarships will be once again available in the beginning of September. Every student can apply filling in the specific form in the Nova SBE website.

In order to contribute for the education of an undergraduate student (from the Economics or Management programs) any person, institution or company can donate the amount they wish. If you are interested get in contact with Nova SBE or know more here.

This initiative is a great example of how Alumni students despite their professional and private life continue to be of great importance to the development and motivation of actual students as well as the development of new initiatives, programs and processes in the University.


Information acquired from Nova SBE website; Lusa Vídeo; Rádio Renascenca and Alumni Fernando Soares, to who we thank.

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