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#LFC Contest: Nova SBE presentation

15/08/2013 12:03:30

#LFC Contest: Nova SBE presentation

Why not make Erasmus in New SBE? To find out what Nova SBE offers and how it is positioned, see the next movie!

Remeber the article that we presented some weeks before, where Daniel told us his opinion about Nova SBE:

"My name is Daniel, I am a 22 year old student of Business Administration in Berlin. Since my parents live a 7 hours train ride away from Berlin, moving to Lisbon was not my first step away from home.

Before Lisbon caught my attention as a place to study, I haven’t heard much about it and few of my friends came here before. To be honest, I did not only come to study in Lisbon because of the univeristy’s excellent reputation, but also because I like the sun, beaches and surfing. I wanted to stay in Europe, so that I can visit my family easily and also I was curious to learn a new language. Regarding the fact that I stay here for 12 months, all the factors are important for me. Also, the fact that there is a large variety of courses taught in english, which I can combine and count at my home university is a useful bonus. Another thing, which is not such a big bonus (at least not for an Erasmus student) is the huge workload at Nova. There are several groupworks, presentations, termpapers and exams in each subject, much more than I was used to work in Berlin. I can say that this is a good study experience, but the effect on my average grades is not very satisfying.

Finding a room in Lisbon is easy. Since the number of Erasmus students living here is incredible high, (especially the ones from Germany) I found my room in Graca over a German Website.

You can also find an infinite choice of Erasmus activities, trips, discounts and parties. But  travelling in Portugal can be really easy and cheap, so I did a lot of trips just with my friends renting a car and sleeping in a tent to save money. Another thing that I love about Portugal and Lisbon is the huge range of Festivals and Events in the summer. If I had enough money, time and energy, I would have gone to all of them. It seems like from May on, Lisbon turns into one big Festival area with a lot of music and food in the streets. At Santo Antonio you can fill your belly, at Faz Musica you can spoil your ears and the only sad thing about OutJazz is that it finishes early, right when it turns out to be a great party.

The thing I will miss the most, when I return to Germany is the ocean and the spectacular view over the hills, the river and the bridge, especially from the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. I went to Costa da Caparica as often as possible, even though it is a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of barriers you have to conquer before you reach the beach. Firstly, because of the different bus companies operating, you need to have enough money to buy the ticket, there are no student discounts. Secondly, you need pacience: Busses are rare and beachgoers are plenty. Thirdly, you have to watch out for ‚greve gerals’ that bring the city to standstill.

My overall experience as a foreign student in Lisbon and at Universidade Nova de Lisboa is very positive and a valuable experience. My wish for the next semester is to improve my portuguese and make more portuguese friends at my age, which was not easy so far since many live outside the city with their parents or return to their hometown over the weekends.

So, hope to meet you next semester,


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