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#LFC Contest: Lisbon Business Summer- Partnership between Harvard & Nova SBE

18/08/2013 15:44:47

#LFC Contest: Lisbon Business Summer- Partnership between Harvard & Nova SBE

During two months Harvard ‘ students have had the opportunity to have classes in several areas of management/business held in Portuguese, take part of internships and also to participate on a program of "cultural immersion" full of activities.

All this is part of the pioneering project of Nova SBE: a summer university for Harvard’ students where the focus is our language, the Portuguese, while learning about business courses.

And where did the idea come from? Well, if you notice, today the Portuguese language is becoming increasingly important - with new markets emerging in sight: Brazil, Angola and Mozambique. Thus, the philosophy of Nova SBE goes also through proposing the study of business as a vehicle for learning Portuguese. According to the coordinator of the program, Professor João Amaro de Matos, "The Lisbon Business Summer is an unprecedented program. Harvard does not have these partnerships with any other school. Learners are here eight weeks, with classes in the morning, internships in the afternoon and two weeks of cultural immersion, when they live with Portuguese families. At their school they still receive credit for taking part of this experience”*

Here are some short feed-back received from some of those Harvard students that have participated this year:

“My name is Aaron Pelz, I am 18 years old and I am from Columbus, Ohio. At Harvard I study computer science (informática). I have finished 1 year of school at Harvard and have 3 left, and have only studied Portuguese for a little at school. I started to learn Portuguese because I love football and wanted (and still want) to go to the World Cup in Brazil. I decided that if I learned Portuguese, the trip would be much more enjoyable and I would get to know the culture and people of the lusophone world better. And when I saw that I had a chance to come to Portugal this summer, it seemed like a perfect way to keep learning the language and experience a new culture.”

“This program was perfect for me because it helped me improve my Portuguese language skills as well as gave me a wonderful look into business in the Portuguese and international world. It gave me a chance to get out of my comfort zone and try something new, which will help me grow in my professional life as well as personally. The combination of class and cultural visits was fantastic; I really feel liked I've explored almost the entire country and talked with a wide variety of people about how Portugal sees itself in the world. I had a fantastic time and got to know the city and some of the people really well”

“Currently, I am with a Portuguese family on a farm for 2 weeks as part of a "cultural immersion" program, and again it is a fantastic way to make connections across the world that I would never have made by staying in the United States. I will go back in about a week and a half, but I wish I could stay longer. It is a wonderful country.”

Students from Harvard have also created a blog where you can find and read their experiences, totally written by them in portuguese:

* Translated from portugueses to  english 

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