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Master of Science in Management

18/11/2013 11:30:31

Master of Science in Management

The master programmes of Management and Business Engineering of Louvain School of Management are one of the most selective in Belgium and Europe.

Why would you study a Master of Science in Management at Louvain School of Management?

- EQUIS accredited since 2006.

- The Financial Times ranked the Louvain School of Management - Campus LLN, in the top 25 (last 3 years) International Business School Rankings, for its Master's in Business Engineering programme.

- The only Belgian Business School with a CEMS Master in Management Programme and PIM networks.

- 30 exchange agreements.

What is a Master of Science in Management all about?

This master prepares you for management positions in private and public organisations. It develops your abilities to:

1- integrate the theories and concepts of management for their effective and controlled application in a professional universe;

2- situate organisations in their socio-economic and institutional context, in order to understand the interdependencies between organisation and environment and translate them into management decisions;

3- integrate the realities of international competition into "socially responsible" management practices

International Programmes:

Louvain School of Management ecourage all its students to participate to International Programmes paths by joining the Cems programme, Double degree programmes or going Erasmus abroad. Here are the LSM opportunities:

- students willing to spend a semester abroad can opt for an exchange programme;

- those interested in international certifications may opt for the CEMS MIM;

- students, wishing to spend a full year abroad and obtain both the diploma from LSM and from another prestigious European Business School, can apply for the Double Degree Program;

- for those looking for a job experience abroad, the International Business offers a variety of opportunities all over the world.

How to get admitted to the Programme?

students profile:

- have a bachelor degree in economics and/or management and you wish to strengthen your managerial skills;

- you wish to be enterprising and transform initiatives into economic or social realities;

- you seek decision-making and managerial positions;

- you strive for excellence in national and international management.

 Application deadlines

Candidates from non-EU Countries: 30 April

Candidates from EU Countries: 31 August


We wish you a good luck with your admission process. :)





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