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Masters and Phd programs at Louvain School of Management

22/10/2013 16:36:55

Masters and Phd programs at Louvain School of Management

LSM proposes the Master in Business Engineering 120 and Masters in Management 120 and 60 as main Master programmes. Furthermore, the two Masters 120 are also available in premium international and specialized tracks versions. Those are:

Premium international tracks

  • Master in International Management (CEMS MIM programme)
  • Master with one full year abroad ("International Business")
  • Master with one year spent in a partner institution ("Double Degree")

Specialized tracks

  • Master with a specialization in entrepreneurship ("CPME")
  • Certified Masters (CFA, SCOR)
  • One-year version (75 ECTS) for students with a four year degree in Management

The relative positioning of those premium and specialized tracks in terms of content is presented in the figure above, with the versions highlighted in red including a distinctive international dimension, and the programmes on the right involving a more intensive exposure to our corporate partners.

Moreover, the Doctoral School degree (three years, 180 ECTS, in English) targets students having completed with honours a Master degree in Management or in Business Engineering and develops specialised knowledge and skills in management research in order to prepare the completion of a PhD thesis. This programme is totally offered in English and attracts numerous international students (39%). By numbers, it is the largest doctoral programme in Belgium. 

The International Executive MBA programme (18 months, part-time on Friday and Saturday and including three study trips, in English) targets business executives and entrepreneurs with 5 to 10 years of management experience and emphasizes international business, strategic thinking, networking and leadership and decision making skill.

The LSM  Master in Business Engineering is ranked N°1 in Belgium by the Financial Times 2013. And from that The Louvain School of Management (LLN) confirms its position in the TOP30 of the FT ranking  (28) and its leadership among Belgian Business Schools in front of other Belgian Business schools, Vlerick Management School (29), Solvay Brussels School (31), or Antwerp Management School (42).


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