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The sequence of partial within the University of Lomé

08/04/2012 00:02:17

The sequence of partial within the University of Lomé

The University of Lomé includes several faculties as follows: Faculty of Law (FDD), FLESH (English, French, German, history, geography ... etc.), nearly natural sciences, sociology, economics and managements (FASEG). Our university provides student preparation in professional degree, masters and doctorate. Given the hours and courses in the dies, the partials do not take place simultaneously in all faculties. In a word, is a partial appelation examinations. The university administration takes a month to organize examinations. During the stop on the partial begins.

However some faculties make up one week and others for a period of two weeks. First FASEG starts for a week because of their size too high compared to other faculties, other faculties following up.
In addition, all students have rights to write in the academic units they made at registration, failing which their notes will not be displayed. Given the LMD funds should not exceed forty per semester.
The administration organizes sessions of catch-up in some faculties for students who could not eliminate all the credits. It should be noted that the FASEG aqu'un not passed one exam per semester.

In short our university awards diplomas to students who have obtained license an average greater than or equal to ten in all teaching units. And may continue in those who have a master class honors where pretty well.

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