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New alumni: A long way awaits you

11/11/2012 21:23:40

New alumni: A long way awaits you



It is not always easy to be effective in the crowd of recruiters and candidates. Hence, each one needs to prepare himself in advance in knowingly.

 If the job fairs are the dreams of employment of each student, they are also treacherous. It is not easy to get even real interview with recruiters in face to face.

The job fairs are known for their minute interviews, which highly worried the applicants.

However, if it is often advised to enhance ourselves, to talk first about what is our passion, we must remain cautious. "It is a mistake to tell a long experience, or worse, engage in stories that have nothing to do with the job, just to prove that we are comfortable with speaking. In the race to the first impression, the dress and the attitude are also important. Finally, note that you must stay focused once the forum is finished. "Then you must re-contact the companies you crossed, send them letters of motivation, and prepare yourself for a long interview, this time in the company.


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