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Ramadan Ftour MSDG 1.0

05/08/2013 01:29:31

Ramadan Ftour MSDG 1.0

Fasting the month of Ramdan is one of the main pillars of Islam, Ramadan has a more cultural dimension in our society where famillies visit each other more often, this month is also a great opportunity to focus on bringing back a balanced and healthy lifestyle since through fasting we learn how to manage our eating habits and improve self-discipline. In my major of Master degree: Master Sciences de Gestion, the team leaders of the current promotion had decided to hold a Ftour ( Ramadan breakfast ) for the first time which was titled Ftour MSDG 1.0.

The point of this event was mainly gathering professors, alumni and current students of the same Master in order to share special moments and learn from the experiences of the alumni. The event was held in Mercure Shéharazade Hotel, located in Rabat, the capital of the country and where the University is located as well.

This occasion was very remarquable by the majority of students who were wearing traditional clothes and different topics were discussed regardless the status of professors or students, the event helped indeed to formalize the relationship between both students and professors. smiley

By Ichrac M.

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