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Sponsorship of newcomers to FSJES Rabat Agdal

02/12/2012 13:47:20

Sponsorship of newcomers to FSJES Rabat Agdal


Sponsorship aims to improve the quality of hosting national and foreign students. For Moroccan student, sponsorship can open another culture (and possibly clarify a project of international mobility). The student, meanwhile, will have the opportunity to be guided in its administrative procedures and also in the discovery of Moroccan society and FSJESR Agdal by Moroccan students.

Being a sponsor of a student is:

- Give a little time, advice, answers, orientations, support...

- Transmit an opinion, culture, vision, contacts ... short, your experience!

- Contribute to strengthening links between old and new students

The academic year start has held on October 15 at the FSJESR Agdal. But for a number of new entrants premises have already been visited. For two weeks, some students agreed to participate to operation of sponsoring in order to live a less stressful back and be accompanied by other former students.

For this operation, a multitude of sponsors have responded to the call, including myself.

Personally, it's a pleasure to help others, and give tips and steps to newcomers. Everyone was able to discover this particular world to a small group of newcomers, discoveries of different services, personalized advice and answers to many questions.

Be Welcomed, you will be very well received!

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