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Erasmus experience

29/08/2012 16:47:17

Erasmus experience

We asked some former Erasmus students, who came to Slovenia, Maribor, what they got out of their experience, how they coped with the language, how they made friends, and how it effected their careers. Read our 'Erasmus Experiences'.




“Having the parties of my life, travelling all around Europe with my friends and having no worries more than eating and sleeping,… how do you think my experience has been? I will explain in a couple
of words! :)

I came with an idea of how this was going to be, but without really knowing what I was about to live.  I was really lucky for choosing a destiny like Maribor, because I have to say, what great job have been done by the teams of ESN and ŠOUM. If it wasn't for them, it wouldn't have been the same, no way!
At the start of the semester they made a big effort in organizing non stop activities and parties for around 10 days to create a good and friendly atmosphere between all the students here, an atmosphere that was  between us the whole semester! They were keeping on doing activities and parties, every week. Places where you find your good friends, good memories… In other words, thanks to them, friendships were made easier and greater!!

 All of these people that I met in the organized activities, parties and at the residence of Tyrseva, makes my experience worth saying to everyone! With these friends I have cried of laughing with the most silliest things, we have carried each other home with overdoses of sangria, we have run naked around the park when snowing, and even swimming in Drava!!

I can call Maribor home for at least a couple of months thanks to the friends I made here!

Erasmus changed my perception of seeing and feeling the life.  All these new experiences, new friends, interesting conversations, travelling, knowing, listening,… has opened a door in my mind that has changed me completely! Now I don't think about anything else that wanting to learn, to discover, to do new things!  This new attitude that is now part of me, part of the my present, and attitude that makes me want to walk into the future with so much energy that I cant wait to start all the things I
want to do!

I've lived the Erasmus experience in the best way it can be lived. Now, there is nobody stopping me in conquering the world!

Thanks for all of you that make part of my experience! I will never forget you all!”





“I spend my Erasmus in Maribor. I used to go to Faculty of Art on University of Maribor. I tried to squeeze as much as I can! I lived in Student House in Gosposvestska. It was great time. I came to Maribor at the end of October and I was one of the first Erasmus student in the winter semester. In my house I lived with people from Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Quite nice mix of nation. We spend A LOT of time in a party, we’ve got awesome team of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) who take care for us and they arrange amazing trip for Erasmus student. We had opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in all Slovenia! I’ve been on one of that trip call “Slovenia Trip”. We went for 3 days to visit: Lake Bled, Postojna Cave and sea side. I didn't have too
much classes on my University so I could went for a walk round Maribor every single day. The most beautiful place was vineyards that took place about 15 minutes walk from my room. Atypical thing in Maribor was system of coupons for eating for students. We can visit so nice restaurant and eat there for half price! I can recommend students life in Maribor to all of you. Because I’ll never forget places like: Satchmo, KMŠ and Pekarna. If you go to Maribor, you’ll understand what I mean.”

SABINA, Poland




“I am really happy to come to Maribor. Here is the best city for Erasmus. Slovenian people and ESN members are really friendly. Restaurants and students coupons are great for having good lunches
and dinners everyday. Night life and having fun have another meaning every night. In a week, every day thete is a different place to go party or spend the time with friends. Not only my best semester
but also the best part of my life were last four months in Maribor.
Hvala Lepa MARIBOR, ERASMUS and ESN!!!”

SENA, Turkey




“Maribor – the best Erasmus place!!! In first place, when I was filling documents for Erasmus, I thought ok, Spain, Portugal,... But my sister suggested me to write Maribor and now I can 100% say, that it was the best choice. I need to use past simple, because, the worst thing about Erasmus is that
it has to come to an end eventually, and mine is coming too.

Within a very short period of time I felt at home at the University and in the town.
People, places, clubs - whole atmosphere here is amazing!

If somebody would ask, what is my personal highlight of this half year abroad, it would definitely be having the opportunity to live in shared accommodation with other foreign students. I have never lived in dormitory before and here I’ve got the best experience: i met unique people, crazy parties till cleaning lady comes to clean in the morning, and of course mornings with big hangover and warnings to be kicked out of dormitory.

One night we were in Mafia party, next day at Mustache party, Ice-cube party, Graffiti party and many others - thanks to great ESN people, who have so much energy to organize all this and party hard together with us:)

I love traveling and here I was able to travel a lot! I’m not talking only about beautiful Slovenia, with it’s mountains, lakes and castles. Maribor is on a great geographical location – from here I was able to visit Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary.

I could write and write about my experience here. Different day – different experience. Well of course we had black outs too,  but it’s normal :P

I always live with a motto: never look back, unless it’s a good view! When talking about Erasmus
experience in Maribor, I will look and look back, remember and never forget it in my whole life:)


INDRE, Lithuania




“I decided to make Erasmus experience, because I have heard this experience is great, it’s something very different what can change your life, open your mind and make discover new culture, new world, new countries.

Slovenia – country in Central Europe -  half of an year ago I did not know a lot about it. Why did I choose Maribor? I had other options like Portugal, Spain, but I wanted to try something new – a place where only few people from my country have been. After searching Google, I saw pictures of city and Pohorje near Maribor(I love snowboarding). But I’m glad now, that I did the best decision to spend my Erasmus in Maribor.

Erasmus Life = 90% Party + 10% Studying.
Erasmus exchange program make closer students from different countries, which helps to understand the culture of other countries. Erasmus spirit include crazy dormitory life, crazy parties & travelling/hiking to unknown places all over the Europe. Maribor is a nice city, friendly people, mountains, vineyards etc.

Studying abroad is a valuable experience:
the new international friends, independence, language practice, advantages in the job market etc. After half of a year, I feel that I've developed a lot – I’m more experienced, more independent, I changed some aspects of my personality and my attitudes. This experience makes me richer, I do not fear to go anywhere else, because “Impossible is Just an Option“.

Erasmus is the best time of your life and I would like to suggest it to every student.”

MARTIN, Estonia


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