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Peer Education Team Helps Fellow Students

26/06/2012 18:51:14

Peer Education Team Helps Fellow Students


A seminar about inclusion in primary schools was organized in February of 2011 at the school Pavle Rovinski in Podgorica. Some teachers and two students from our school, 21 May, participated in this seminar and decided to organize follow-up activities.

Inclusion is the implementation of an education system which improves instruction and provides opportunities for students with special needs.eight, and nine. We were divided in a couple of groups. Each group had its own task, to interview regular students, teachers, parents, students in inclusion, the school counselor, and the school psychologist. Then we made reports about the interviews and the leader of each group presented it at a round table discussion. In May we had a presentation with other schools at Delta City shopping mall. The non-governmental organization (NGO) Djeca Crne Gore (Children of Montenegro) commended our project. We also had a stand where we sold goods that students made, such as jewelry, pictures, vases, etc. From the money that we raised we went on a one-day trip to Ostrog Monastery with the children in inclusion. We had a really good time and they did too. After that, the national television station RTCG1 came to our school and interviewed us about our project.


Soon after, we had the idea to make a peer education team which could help all the students in our school. In our team of approximately twenty students we went through ten workshops with our teachers. At the end of October we started to carry out those workshops in other classes, and thus we trained new students. The workshops were about self-knowledge, the fight against violence, bullying, tolerance, respecting diversity, helping children that are not socialized enough, prejudices, etc. We presented our project to the Student Parliament and they suggested that the peer education team should be awarded with a trip, for our hard work.

A couple of students presented the project at a parents’ meeting and to the parents’ council. The parents were enthusiastic.

Our newest idea for the project is “the box of confidence”. The box is in the hall of the school and every student can write his/her problems on a piece of paper and put it in the box. A couple of student from the peer education team, along with the school psychologist, answer the problems and hang them on a bulletin board.

This project is supported by all students, parents, and the NGO Djeca Crne Gore. We hope that this project, besides being a fun and instructive experience for us, was also helpful for other students and they learned something from it. Our goal is to make this peer education team a tradition in our school, so that when we leave next year, the students we trained  will continue the work.

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