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Students present their innovative ideas to business leaders

26/06/2012 20:18:50

Students present their innovative ideas to business leaders

 Turning business ideas into reality is the best way to grow and develop a country's economy. With this words Mr. Alberto Cammarata, Head of the Political, European Integration and Trade Sections of EU Delegation to Montenegro opened a Business Ideas Exchange at the University of Donja Gorica.


Mr. Cammarata commended the initiative of University to organise the event, where young entrepreneurs - students - are encouraged to present their innovative business ideas to Montenegrin businessman and stakeholders. He said that universities and businesses should be encouraged to work together to foster innovation and ultimately create employment and growth.

“Only by working together, and by turning new ideas into sustainable projects”, stressed Mr. Cammarata, “can Montenegro become more competitive and make progress along the path to the European Union”.

He stressed that education, mobility and an open and competitive labour market were essential for the creation of an innovation-oriented society.

At the event, almost half of the young entrepreneurs received awards for their ideas. The Rector of the University Veselin Vukotic said that if all of these ideas were successfully put into practice almost 500 people would be employed.

Last year, the EU Delagation to Montenegro supported the UDG student’s idea of producing the magazine Euronerve,  which promotes EU values, educational policy and studying in EU. This idea, has been turned into a reality, and Euronerve was distributed to the students and businessmen, to mark Europe Day, 9th May.

May 9th should be seen as a milestone for Montenegro, especially for those young people who are committed to the idea of progress and who are willing to demonstrate their creativity and innovation and share their ideas.

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