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First Debate League students of the University of Montenegro - IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD!

31/05/2012 20:51:46

First Debate League students of the University of Montenegro - IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD!

After more than six weeks of competition, 39 were held after the debate, the first Debate League students of the University of Montenegro in the Debate Club organized by students at a UCG-UCG-Students Parliament is officially over! I can not estimate if I'm happy or sad about the end of which is, of course, had to follow.Great team of permanent judges was more than live up to the evaluation debate and selection of the best speakers in the category as much as 34 contestants.

Comments associates with the faculties, the elderly or the young debater and successful champion in the category of high school, students and lay people have enabled us to judge as we learn and make progress in your part of the task. Judicial panels are becoming more interesting, while the decision was more difficult to make.Often they are in the hall for the judges fought bitter debate over the resolution, govonika, the number of points or orator. Each new round constituted a new challenge for us and our work.

Different styles of attack strategies, innovations in the structure of language and boldness of the content are just some of the segments of the competition that we will all remember. Each round has required difficult subjects. Of course, any resolution must be debatabilna. Our contestants were up to the challenge. With equal triumph of ambition, have access to entertainment, political and economic, and legal and metaphysical topics. So the last six weeks this home wanted more sex, thought that Robin Hood was a thief or that size does not matter, that cats are better friends than dogs, that atheism is a religion and that doctors should lie to the placebo effect. That a priest be celibate unhappy man, and that romance was dead is very difficult to prove, but many were able to persist in their attitude and with a strong line of argumentation and rhetoric excellent choice my participation in the finals of the League itself. Of course, the way the semi-finals was not easy.The organizers have devised a range of topics that are in the wheel of the car required a higher level of general knowledge, information, wit and cunning. Many debaters have debated in this tournament for the first time and it was interesting to observe their progress in terms of style, so the strategy and rhetoric.

Finally, they came to the final four teams from the Faculty of Political Sciences and Law Faculty. Among them were the best speakers of the League. Semi-final debates were extremely difficult and demanding. Half an hour of preparing the contestants allowed to discuss their attitudes, perceive their position in the debate and detect potential enemy weak points. In the semifinal debates we could conclude that our debaters have become clever tacticians and mature competitors. Both teams are in opposition to fight for their place in the finals, but in the end only one team could be a winner. The most difficult issue the League, the best two teams began in sunny amfitearu True School. Nine judges judged the final debate "This House believes that the gift of human mortality, not punishment."Paul and Koča representing the government, and Peter Eldin opposition.

The debate was good, bitter and exciting. Debaters have led the attack strategies that are related to their knowledge of style and affinity opponent, the similarities in some spots that are also their weaknesses, and teamwork, which is the key to success. This topic has been able to provoke and the finalists, and made them some bad moves, and, on the other hand, the judges of the substance of the case made it more difficult judgment. Deliberations lasted about half an hour. Each individual has to decide, and then we discuss the winner in the team category. 6:3 verdict, the opposition - and Peter Eldin, they managed to defeat the government and raise the trophy. The best final winner was Paul Bozovic. The best speaker of the League of Rados Mušović, followed by Paul Bozovic (II place) and Eldin Ličina (III place).

In the end, the lawyers and politicians were happy because they won the mixed team! Student Division University of Montenegro has been completed. It was fun, exhausting, inspiring, and uncertain! A number of different resolutions, people and situations, and a replica of the famous statement, unusual and dramatic effects obilježilu gatherings are our first league.

Do the new league, debating club of our students continue with their regular meetings. Although, after these six weeks, nothing will be the usual and the same!

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