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31/05/2012 19:57:53

In economic circles there is a saying that the economy has no free lunch. I agree, someone has to pay. At the end of the process all paid the ultimate purchaser.Little is being offered "free", although it seems that the "free" the most powerful marketing tool.

Today, companies do not offer anything to their customers free of charge, usually in a hurry to get out as much as possible from the buyer's wallet. Ignores the effect if a certain product or service and offer the customer something for free. I think it has little effect on their perceptions of the brand and generating positive experience. The customer will tell his friend to the "free", so that someone else will say, and will be run stories about your business.

Once upon a time, while in my home buying newspapers regularly, I used to leaf through small ads. Then I came across in the ads that read "free legal advice."Because I wanted to know why someone offers their services for free, I called to inquire. In fact, one attorney was certain services offered free of charge, as a council property - legal issues, tips on entering into, etc.. Of course, other services is charged. But the fact is, that it is giving for free what others are charging 20-30 euros.

If you are a business consulting agency, marketing agency, getting advice obslasti in information technology, mediates in employment, etc., you can offer free seminars. Namely, in order to raise awareness about your business and educate others, you can organize a seminar or lecture in which you invite people that your business or area of ​​Interest. Before the second month, I attended a workshop on the development of CV, cover letter and communication in an interview organized by the Career team. It is completely free, at least for me!

Customers are often frustrated and samtraju that they are all costs, because companies need to take care of customer service.

Few taxi service has a number through which you can call free vehicle. Because their only goal is profit, not satisfied by their services. Two taxi companies, for which, I know that these numbers have been Terrae taxi from Budva and Podgorica City taxi.

So, to offer something free, it is a powerful marketing weapon. Let the buyer feel that you give him something, not taking.

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