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Take a break from your MBA. Braai.

24/09/2014 12:58:20

Take a break from your MBA. Braai.

What is the best thing to do when taking a break from your MBA studies? Well, if you're studying at the University Stellenbosch Business School (USB) it will most probably be to have a braai. Whether it's a steak, a chicken kebab or braai sausages - lighting a fire to braai is second nature to all South Africans.

National Braai day

The 24th of September is Heritage day - a national school holiday the government set aside to celebrate the diverse heritage of all South Africans. It is also well known as Braai Day, because it doesn't matter which one of the eleven official South African languages you speak, or what your cultural background is, we all light fires when we have something to celebrate.

Tips for Braai Day

Jan Braai (real name Jan Schannel) is the man behind the Braai Day initiative. He has become somewhat of a celebrity in South Africa, and always has interesting braai recipes and braai advice for his fellow citizens. He has come up with the following braai tips to make taking a break from your MBA at USB much more fun:

How to braai the perfect steak

Find all the tips for a perfect braai here


Jan Braai's Steak of the Nation



National Braai Day Anthem



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