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30 minutes with Nilesh Sonar- Full-Time exchange student from IMT - Institute of Management Technology (India)

25/03/2013 12:09:16

30 minutes with Nilesh  Sonar- Full-Time exchange student from IMT - Institute of Management Technology (India)

30 minutes with Nilesh  Sonar- Full-Time exchange student from IMT- Institute of Management Technology (India)

I was curious to understand why Nilesh chose South Africa and USB in particular from the various options he had. Nilesh felt a sense of adventure as he was one of the first students from IMT to choose South Africa to pursue his electives, and he is quite happy with the decision he made. He also felt a deeper connection to South Africa, as a fellow BRICS nation.

He chose USB for quite a few reasons. Firstly that USB was accredited and ranked amongst leading global business schools, he had also read a number of reviews about the institution online and was aware of USB’s research related work. Two other distinctive reasons he chose USB was due to the fact that it offered an internship, it was one of the few international exchange destinations that offered direct interaction with industry and lastly a family member currently residing in South Africa had recommended USB.

Nilesh is a full time student at IMT enrolled in the MBA in Finance programme, the electives he is currently enrolled in at USB are Decision Analysis, Business Finance, Marketing Management and Personal Skills development. He currently has an internship at Capitec bank for a period of 2 months, he feels that this experience will greatly assist him in gaining a better understanding of the South African banking industry.

I was interested in how he was experiencing the shift in studying from IMT to USB. He felt the approach USB took was a lot more practical, than the more theoretical approach he was previously exposed to. He made an example of his statistics lecture. He was used to being taught about the theory behind ANOVA and application in terms of calculations, but he felt that there was a valid focus in class more on how the theory would be used in industry, which he appreciated.

Nilesh is looking forward to his stay in South Africa. He is very excited about a safari tour that he plans on taking at the Kruger National Park in Johannesburg soon and he is also looking forward to all the other great experiences that lie ahead.

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