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14/07/2013 19:54:44


Managing time:

Classes, work, family, friends; how do you ensure you manage your time efficiently? 

You are not alone

You have access to a number of resources; your group, your class, other classes and lecturers. If you need assistance or are unsure of what to do, ask, but more importantly ask early so you can progress in the right direction.


A number of deliverables in more or less the same time? Prioritize your tasks by ranking them. Crossing of completed tasks on a task list does allow you to see how much you have managed to accomplish during the week.


Not great with schedules, share your schedule of upcoming deliverables with your group to ensure you have the right information and have not potentially missed anything.

Dealing with uncertainty

Ask your classmates to review your work, you can provide feedback on theirs in return. This way, you will know if you are on the right track and it may help you consider something you did not consider before and may assist you in attaining a better grade.


It is not always easy to pay attention the entire one or two hours of lectures. Interacting and asking questions assists in focusing more. Also, if you are already familiar with the material and then listen to the lecturers’ perspectives, you absorb more and have more questions.

Most importantly, make the most of everyday opportunities and have fun!!

“Lost time is never found again!”  Benjamin Franklin  

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