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Orientation week—reflective start to the MBA journey

05/06/2014 14:07:24

Orientation week—reflective start to the MBA journey

To be a better leader in future, you need to start with intense reflection on your past, present and future. Life until now has been a series of lessons learnt in leadership, whether you knew it not. This was one of the key messages during orientation week for the 3year modular MBA course (group two) which started last week, on the 14th of May.

The latest intake of 58 students, from as far as the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Namibia and locally, embarked on what seems like the journey of their life. With personal leadership development taking centre stage in orientation week, it was clear from day one that there is going to be a lot of poking, dissecting and questioning your own thought processes, to reflect on how study content is applicable to your own life—reframing the past and present to be better leaders for the future. "This course is going change our lives," said Mari Cairns, MBA student residing in the UK who, will be travelling to South Africa for each block week.

It was not just the course content that made a good impression on many students. It was the fact that USB runs like a well-oiled machine. Louis Coetsee, MBA student from Pretoria, said: "The USB is really well organised." Most students will be accessing the university's online learning hub from off-site and special care was taken to make sure that everyone was set-up and ready to work from home. All the classes started on time, class notes and study material were readily available, and the three meals a day were very tasty.

The MBA is not about the piece of paper you receive at the end of the course. It's about the journey that lies ahead and the people you will be sharing it with. The USB offers a range of additional services, such as career planning, personal profile building and coaching, which adds enormous value to being registered as a student at USB.

Let the journey begin.  

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